4 Remedies To Help With Seasonal Allergies


Suffering from seasonal allergies is terribly annoying and inconveniencing, and many people resort to taking prescription or over the counter drugs, or shots from a doctor. However, there may be some more natural ways of coping with allergies than relegating oneself to a lifetime of pharmaceutical medication.

We’ve already established that fungi can play a role in allergies. Knowing this, a Kaufmann 1 Diet may be a good place to start. The Kaufmann 1 Diet is designed to starve a pathogenic fungal infection and minimize the risk of mycotoxin exposure. It eliminates sugar, wheat, corn, potatoes, peanuts, pistachios, alcohol, most dairy and the sweeter varieties of fruits. Instead, vegetables, meats, nuts, seeds, eggs, butter and some fruits are encouraged. In addition, anti-fungal supplements, such olive leaf extract or oil of oregano are encouraged while on the diet. Supplementing with probiotics assists further in fixing damage to the intestinal terrain, boosting immune function and helping protect against pathogenic yeasts and fungi. (Always consult your physician before changing dietary or supplement regimens.)

Indoor air quality can play a role in allergies, so a good, quality air purifier may be another good thing to try, initially. Also, consider installing high-quality HEPA air filters to filter any mold, pollen, dander, etc. out of the air.

For many people, simply going on the diet may provide serious relief from allergies. In addition to starting with a Kaufmann 1 Diet and checking the air quality in your home, there are some simple, natural things you can try before reaching for pharmaceutical medicines.

Butterbur is an herb that has proven effects against seasonal allergies. It has been shown to be as effective as many types of over-the-counter medications. Look for certified butterbur supplements that are labeled as “PA–Free”.

Bromelian is an enzyme found in pineapple that has uses against inflammation. It can help reduce nasal swelling due to allergies. While any pineapple consumption should be relegated to Kaufmann 2 and only in moderation, this enzyme may be useful for people suffering from allergies that are adhering to the diet.

Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil should not be taken internally. However, adding a few drops to a steam shower or to a bowl of steaming water may provide some relief from allergy sufferers.

Quercetin/Stinging Nettles
Quercitin is a botanically derived compound that can help block the release of histamine. It is an active component of stinging nettles, which have traditionally been used as a remedy for allergies.

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