You’re Avoiding This Food; Is This Why You’re Hungry All The Time?

Despite our best efforts to educate to the contrary, fat is still labeled as a villain. People continue to eat like it was 1986, avoiding fat and gorging on “low-fat”, carbohydrate-rich foods. 

I tried doing that. Boy, was I hungry. Here’s why.

Think about what happens when you’re starting a fire. Maybe you light the end of a newspaper and put it under some small sticks. This is good to get a rapid burning flame started, but what you want to do is to get some bigger logs burning for a long-lasting fire.

When you eat simple carbohydrates, it’s like burning paper. You get an immediate burst of energy, but it doesn’t last. 

When you eat fat, it’s like burning a bigger log. It’s a slow burn that lasts much longer. (Protein is kind of an in-between burn.)

How does this play out in our daily food choices? In my opinion, it has everything to do with how satisfied we are after a meal.

Let’s say that you’re eating some steamed broccoli with a skinless chicken breast. Yes, it’s Kaufmann 1. But you may find yourself hungry a half-hour or so after you eat it. The solution may be to add a little fat to it. I like drizzling a tablespoon or so of olive oil on a dish like this to give it a little more “staying power”. That extra bit of fat makes a difference in how long the meal satisfies.

I do this same thing with smoothies. If my smoothie has almond milk, grass-fed/antibiotic-free/hormone-free whey protein, and some berries, it’s a great Kaufmann 1 meal, but I may be hungry again not long after drinking it. Same reason: Not enough fat. Instead of leaving it as-is, I’ll throw in a tablespoon of coconut oil, and maybe follow it up with some good fish oil. It’s a small change that makes a huge difference in terms of hunger.

If you’re hungry all of the time, take a look at how you’re doing the Kaufmann 1 Diet. Remember, this isn’t a “low-fat” diet. Hardly! Don’t be afraid of healthy, rich, fats to help keep hunger at bay.


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