The Importance of Probiotics on Kaufmann 1


Importance of Probiotics on Kaufmann 1

The word bacteria is usually associated with any number of negative things – colds, stomach problems, food poisoning, etc. Bacteria have undoubtedly gotten a bad reputation, and not without reason. These ubiquitous organisms can definitely cause some pretty nasty symptoms in humans, depending on the type of bacteria we are talking about. So whats the importance of Probiotics?

In times past, bacteria used to be much more of a problem than they are today. Until the invention of antibiotics, even minor bacterial infections could prove to be fatal under certain circumstances. Infections, unabated, could spread to the blood stream, often killing the unfortunate infected soul. Even things like minor cuts could go septic and kill an otherwise healthy individual. However, antibiotics changed that game. No longer were minor bacterial infections such a threat – a round of penicillin would knock most bacterial infections right out, sometimes preventing what would otherwise be certain death.

There is a darker side to these undiscriminating bacterial killers, though. And it isn’t just the rise of so called “super bugs”, such as methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureas, or MRSa, although this is certainly a prominent symptom of the wanton use of antibiotics.

Not all bacteria are bad. In fact, inside your stomach and intestines is a culture of “good” bacteria. These bacteria perform a number of vital functions for health, including aiding in digestion, creating beneficial vitamins and assisting in immunity. But since they are bacteria, taking antibiotics can kill them. Antibiotics aren’t the only thing that can kill these beneficial bacteria, either. Poor diet, alcohol, other medications and mycotoxins can all play a role in destroying the culture of good bacteria in the gut. Furthermore, once those bacteria are gone, another more virulent organism can take root. Pathogenic fungi and yeast can gain a stronghold in the absence of good bacteria in the gut. An interesting thing to think about is what Dr. Lynn Jennings often notes in her newsletter pieces; if you have any sort of fungal infection on or in your body, chances are you have it in the gut. The goal of the Kaufmann 1 diet is to eliminate any sort of pathogenic fungi in the body while simultaneously reducing exposure to those foods that might be contaminated with mycotoxins. In addition to this, it is absolutely critical to re-culture the gut with beneficial bacteria. A great way to do this is through supplementing with probiotic supplements. Some foods like plain, organic yogurt also work well towards that end. Ultimately, if you do not repopulate your gut with a beneficial bacteria culture, you will more than likely continue to struggle with any sort of fungal condition you are experiencing.

So add a few rounds of probiotics to your Kaufmann 1 arsenal. Doing so will not only provide numerous health benefits; you will be putting your body in the best position to stave off potentially harmful fungal infections. Check out some of the sponsors of Know the Cause to find some of the highest quality probiotics available.

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