Why Do I Have No Energy?





Energy comes at a premium in our society. Not just energy to power our homes, cars and electronic devices, but the energy that fuels our body seems like it is often in short supply. Many people may ask, “Why do I have no energy?” There are a number of answers to that question. Some people don’t eat right, exercise or sleep well. Other people are simply overworked. Some people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, but chronic fatigue syndrome is something that needs to be diagnosed by a doctor, and for most people your doctor will likely tell you that isn’t what your problem is. 

There are a few places to start if you feel like you’re always running on fumes or have no energy; these can help you answer the question of why you have no energy. 


Is your diet packed with sugar or heavily processed foods? These sorts of foods can sap you of energy, even if you’re consuming all the calories (or even more) that you’re supposed to be taking in. Switching to a diet like the Kaufmann 1 Diet is going to nourish your body, giving it the nutrients and calories needed to give your body energy. The Kaufmann 1 Diet focuses organic, lean meats, vegetables, certain fruits, nuts, seeds and a few specific dairy products. It includes healthy oils and fats. It eliminates sugar, grains, corn, starches, alcohol and processed foods. While the goal of the Kaufmann 1 Diet is to starve pathogenic fungi and limit exposure to mycotoxins, many adherents report increased levels of energy. 


Exercising boosts your metabolism, which will give you more energy. Most people think of exercise as something that would rob you of energy, and while it does burn calories, in the long run, most people that exercise report having more energy. Exercising increases endurance and strengthens muscles, allowing for more stamina when you aren’t working out. It is simple advice, but getting moderate exercise only a few times a week can have a significant impact on energy levels. Consult your doctor before starting an exercise regimen. 


Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause you to feel like you have no energy, particularly B vitamin deficiency. Adding a good multi-vitamin to your diet can help eliminate vitamin deficiencies. Talk to your doctor about taking a multi-vitamin, as certain vitamins can interfere with medicines. 



Often times, fungal infections are an overlooked cause of many health problems. Going on the Kaufmann 1 Diet and adding some natural, safe antifungals, such as oregano or olive leaf extract, can help you decide if fungus is the underlying problem.



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