Why Are Americans Always Sick?

Doug Kaufmann
The December issue of The Journal of Clinical Microbiology (JCM) points out yet one more area that I was unaware of where poisonous mold can be found. Who’d have thought that 2 of 3 sinks in America would have the mold Fusarium growing in their drains? I have been teaching you, of course, that Fusarium mold makes several mycotoxins including trichothecenes and zealalenone, both fully capable of destroying human health in relatively small doses.

  Even when animals eat plants with Fusarium growing on them, they get quite sick. Why is that relevant? How does this mold get into our sink drains? It wasn’t covered in JCM, so let’s attempt it here.

Simply put, I believe we are diligent in washing our store bought foods when we get them and these seemingly harmless foods are most often impregnated with this dangerous mold. Hey, better our sink drains than our intestines, but still reason for concern. For you see, unbeknownst to JCM, this article has little to do with metal plumbing. The big picture reveals very dangerous levels of mycotoxin producing molds on our everyday foods. This, of course, leaves our brightest and best to wonder why over 1,000,000 of we Americans die annually from just heart problems and cancer and millions more are stricken with it. I don’t wonder, do you? I’d love your take on this and I come in to review your responses often!  


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