Why Am I Suffering From Allergies?


Seasonal allergies are a miserable condition

affecting millions of Americans. To this end, millions of Americans every year take both prescription and over the counter drugs, and/or receive shots from their doctor to treat allergies. Most feel like they are relegated to a lifetime of drugs to stem the misery inflicted upon them by their seasonal allergies. Furthermore, millions more are prescribed antibiotics to treat secondary infections due to allergies. 

But just what are allergies? Allergies are simply an immunological response to an otherwise harmless material. Pollen, pet dander, certain foods––these are harmless substances that can cause immunological responses in humans. 

But is there a fungus link to allergies? There is evidence in the scientific literature that your allergies may have a connection to mold, mildew, yeast or fungi. 

Consider that:

– In 1999, The Mayo Clinic said that nearly all cases of sinusitis (with and without allergies) were due to fungus. 

– In his 1985 book, The Missing Diagnosis, Dr. Orion Truss describes “the familiar manifestations of allergy” related to exposure to and infection of Candida albicans. He continues, saying that, “Once the mucous membranes become inflamed by their allergic response to yeast products, infection begins to occur with great regularity at random sites from the nose to the lungs.”

– R.J Hay in the book Manson’s Tropical Diseases, informs us that up to 15% of respiratory allergies are due to molds such as penicillium and aspergillus. 

(This and more information can be found in The Fungus Link, Vol 1, which is available in our bookstore.)

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If there is a fungus link to allergies, or if an underlying fungal infection is causing or exacerbating those allergies, the antibiotics and steroids prescribed for those problems would likely only exacerbate the problem. Furthermore, the diet most Americans regularly consume would likely only fuel the proverbial fire. 


It is likely that your doctor would never implicate fungus as the root cause of your seasonal allergies, but a simple test might prove fungal etiology. If you are a sufferer of seasonal allergies, consider trying an anti-fungal program, such as the Kaufmann 1 Diet. This diet eliminates sugar, grains, corn, potatoes, legumes and alcohol. Foods often contaminated with mold, such as peanuts and pistachios are also eliminates, as are the sweeter varieties of fruits. Instead, vegetables, nuts, eggs, healthy fats and oils and meats are encouraged. Adding in a rotating regimen of natural anti-fungals, such as olive leaf extract and oil of oregano is encouraged, as well probiotic supplements. 

If you find your seasonal allergies are mitigated or even disappear all together, you may have just proven the fungal link to your allergy symptoms!

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