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What Harm Can a Little Alcohol Cause?

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It’s all over the Internet today. 

I know that I am controversial, but the information I bring you about the fungus link to illness and death is many years ahead of its time. Remember the articles linking cancer cell death to anti-fungal drugs?


To this day, the experts have no earthly idea why such a link exists. But you watch “Know The Cause”, and you know that fungal sacs can form inside the human body and mimic cancer. Since their basis is fungus, these “ascomycetes” respond favorably to anti-fungal drugs. It just makes sense to me that anti-fungal drugs would help eradicate these ascomycetes, or as the researchers say, kill cancer cells.

Have I ever told you that drinking alcohol could cause cancer? Of course I have – many, many times. A new study, a collaborative effort between Canadian, American and French researchers, shows that even one drink daily increases the risk of certain cancers.  Of course, 365 alcoholic drinks equates to drinking gallons of a known carcinogen. Still, doctors do not fully understand why drinking alcohol is carcinogenic. For our purpose, just know that mycotoxins can cause cancer. In alcoholic drinks, the fungus is called brewer’s yeast, and the fungal poison (mycotoxin) it makes is called alcohol.  

Red wine, we have been told for decades from health experts, is very good for our hearts and blood vessels because of a protein in the grapes called resveratrol. I have contended that the reason red wine probably doesn’t seem to cause the number and severity of health problems that other alcohols do is precisely because of resveratrol. It just happens to be powerfully anti-fungal!  So there you have it! 

Please don’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes from a healthcare system that has failed Americans terribly.  Talk to your doctor about fungus as though your life depended upon it.


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