Immune Boosting Foods & What You Need to Know

Virtually every magazine, newspaper, website or nutritionist has their “favorite immune boosting foods”.  A phrase I’ve come up with seems to be shared by 99% of the nutrition community when it comes to food contributing to healthy immunity.



“Robotic Reasoning” is when the deductive reasoning no longer has to apply, because an 8-by-12 inch laminated college certificate proves nutrition knowledge. Unfortunately, most nutrition specialists have no idea that the majority of the immune system is in the gut. This assures us that diet either defends or defeats our immune system, because when we chew up food and swallow it, it ends up in our gut. Food, therefore, is actually preventive medicine. It is a means to prevent impaired immunity and therefore illness. To me, “preventive medicine” is defined as exercising, reducing stress and eating properly so as to insure the integrity of the gut. But to one who applies “robotic reasoning”, preventive medicine means prophylactic antibiotics, birth control pills and annual flu shots. 


Since there are several distinct groups involved in defining what a proper diet is today, know that I define “proper diet” as eating foods that do not contribute to or feed germs that cause illnesses. I don’t concern myself with “whole grain”, “fat free”, “low calorie” or “glycemic index” diets. If these fads were correct, we wouldn’t be one of the sickest nations on earth. Not everyone agrees with this blog, nor my Kaufmann 1 diet. But then, not everyone wrote this blog!    




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