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West Nile

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I contracted Malaria in Vietnam in 1970. I learned that the female anopheles mosquito actually transmitted the disease to me. Today, we are being deluged with news about another disease transmitted by mosquitos, the West Nile Virus (WNV). Let me preface this report by telling you how devastating it is to read of the sickness and death that is attributed to this mosquito bite. 

  I am sad for those who have loved ones affected by this terrible disease. As I write this 17 people have died and almost 400 are considered sickened by WNV. In Dallas, we are going to begin aerial pesticide spraying to try to kill the mosquitoes that transmit the WNV. It should be noted that older and “immune-compromised” people are most vulnerable. So many are writing to me in hopes that I’ll have a magic supplement or words of wisdom that might calm their worst fears or prevent this disease. As I’ve always said, figure out the cause and the reversal becomes easier.

But imagine how easy the prevention becomes if you “know the cause!” Here are my thoughts on WNV. Plasmodium is the name of the parasite that I got. It must have two names, because I was told that I had malaria. Apparently, Plasmodium is the most studied parasites in the world. Wait just a minute…fungus is a parasite! Plasmodium is a eukaryotic germ. Fungus is also a eukaryotic germ! They know WNV is a virus, because it can impregnate the red blood cell wall.
Fungus impregnates the red blood cell wall! They call Plasmodium a sporazoan, meaning that it is spore forming. Wait, fungi are spore forming! As if this can’t get more complicated, the sporazoan, Plasmodium lives in a subclass of organisms called “coccidian.” Although I wonder, Coccidia is reportedly different from coccidio! I’ll explain.

Coccidia must live and reproduce inside an animal cell, as fungi also do. Most people exposed to WNV never get sick. Most people exposed to fungus never get sick. Coccidio is the abbreviation of “coccidioides”, the soil fungus that, when inhaled, causes the fungal disease, Valley Fever. I’ve just got to wonder if the WNV doesn’t behave more like WNF! Microbiologists will laugh, but their peers are now discovering that fungus diseases are underrated and under diagnosed.
Several cancers, for example, are responding very well to antifungal drugs. I believe that the link between cancer and fungus will one day be proven, because there is simply too much evidence to suggest otherwise. Even the “gold standard” prostate specific antigen (PSA) test was never, ever a prostate cancer test. The PSA has always detected the presences of anti-fungal antibodies in a man’s blood serum (or woman’s, blood, so it isn’t even “prostate specific’).

Finally, here are the symptoms noted in those afflicted with West Nile Virus; Headache, high fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness and paralysis. And here are the symptoms often noticed in people who have fungal disorders; Headache, high fever, neck stiffness, stupor, disorientation, coma, tremors, convulsions, muscle weakness and paralysis. I think that miserable anopheles mosquito that bit me in 1970, had just had its snout in another human who had a systemic fungal infection. One drop of that toxic blood injected into me was enough to almost to kill me. Fungi, not viruses, make the most carcinogenic and toxic substance in the world. People are dying. Is it time to change our WNV diagnostic criteria?

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