Why are you swelling so badly?


A blood test called the “C-Reactive Protein” test is commonly ordered today by doctors as an early indicator of heart disease and stroke risk, among other things. In reality, however, this test measures a protein made by the liver (C-Reactive Protein-CRP) that indicates swelling! We’ve all seen the headlines by now; Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, etc….



all have to do with inflammation. Inflammation to them is swelling to you and me.. Immune system diseases like Lupus, bone infections, cancer of the lymph nodes and a host of other conditions can cause elevations of CRP. But so can fungus! In 1984, published in the Journal Infection, an article was written that proved that “deep seated fungal infections” also elevated CRP test results. If your doctor tells you that your elevated CRP test may indicate something very serious, he may be correct. But given the propensity of fungus to elevate the CRP test results in 76% of the tested patients in this review, please ask him if you can get a prescription for Diflucan 200mg for a week or two and begin following our phase-one diet during that time. Then go back to his office for a CRP retest. Just my 2 cents! Doug



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