We Can’t Stress This Enough: Stress Is A Killer!

You’ll notice a number of articles in the blog and in this month’s newsletter about stress.  The holiday season has a way of bringing it out, and we need to be prepared for it.

For those of you who still believe that stress is merely a nuisance, and that anyone who takes specific steps to manage stress is borderline sissy, you need a massive upgrade in your “Stress Threat Assessment”.  Take a look at just a few of the health challenges that are connected with uncontrolled stress:
Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist who’s research at Princeton led him to conclude that stress may be one of the most important roots of human disease.  Drs. Alexander Lloyd and Ben Johnson have echoed that belief.
At a recent lecture I attended, the speaker spoke about how cells in the body react to stress.  He said that the cell, in effect, “closes up” when constantly exposed to unmitigated stress.  This means that nutrients don’t go in and toxins do not go out.  When you see pictures of how Presidents age after one or two terms in off