Natural ways to help De-Stress

Surfing used to do that for me.  Hey, being in high school was stressful!  Stress put me out there in the water, and I did it as often as I could to de-stress.  Who knows if it was the ocean shoreline or this sun baking away on my skin?  All I knew was that it worked every time!

Later in life, jogging did that for me.  Along came a wonderful wife, two wonderful children and a great job.  It seemed that I was handling the stresses of life quite well, but that early morning jog really did (does) seem to level my stresses out.

Love is doing that for me.  The surfboard is now a collectors item, the children are now grown and successful and my wonderful wife is still with me.  How I wish I knew 35 years ago what I know today, but the pedestal I would have placed her upon then would be beyond my reach now…and I love being with her and I love visiting and hearing from the kids and I love jogging and remembering my youth on that ocean shoreline.  What a perfectly natural way to de-stress.
In the final analysis, it isn’t, nor was it ever, my stress.  Nor is it your stress.  Rather, it is our perception of that stress.  So don’t worry…be happy!  Doug    
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