Top 6 Sources of Protein | The Kaufmann Diet


We all know we need to be getting ample protein in our diets; while on the Kaufmann Diet, this is usually no problem. While on Kaufmann 1 of the Kaufmann Diet you will notice it is a diet that favors protein, healthy fats and fiber over the typically carbohydrate-laden fare that most people consume on a regular basis.

There are two, primary reasons for this. First, the goal of the Kaufmann Diet is to starve pathogenic fungi and yeasts inside the body. To do this, you deny fungi their primary food of choice––sugar. So in tandem with eliminating sugar from the diet, you eliminate most carbohydrates as well, which immediately convert to sugar upon digestion. Second, many foods high in carbohydrates (think: foods high in grains such as bread, pasta, etc.) are often contaminated with mycotoxins, according to research. Mycotoxins are fungal poisons that can wreak havoc on human health.

To fill that caloric void, however, many foods high in protein are encouraged. Protein can come from a number of sources. Below are a few great sources of protein, that come with the Kaufmann Diet stamp of approval.

Grass Fed Beef
Is rich in nutrients and healthy fats that conventionally raised beef generally lacks. Grass-fed beef is typically organically raised, as well, meaning it lacks a lot of the hormones and antibiotics found in conventionally raised meats. Grass-fed animals are typically better for the environment, as well. Grass-fed beef generally contains about 7g of protein per oz.

Pastured Chicken
Typically contains between 8-9g of protein per oz. Pastured animals typically contain more nutrients, and many argue, taste better.

eating your way to good healthWild-Caught Salmon
Has the benefit of being high not only in protein (between 6-7g per oz), but is high healthy fats such as Omega 3, as well.

Are rich in protein (6g per large egg) and lutein, an important antioxidant nutrient, as well as other beneficial nutrients. While eggs were once looked down on for the cholesterol, most practitioners agree that the cholesterol in eggs will not raise harmful cholesterol.

These include walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, etc. Nuts are a great addition to your Kaufmann 1 Diet. Protein content varies, but you’ll also be getting fiber, healthy fats, and a host of other beneficial phytonutrients.

Plain Yogurt
Is one of the only dairy products allowed on the Kaufmann 1 Diet. Protein can range from 8-12g per oz.; it is important to look for varieties with active cultures and no added sugar.

Click Here for a list of foods that are encouraged, and ones you should avoid while on Kaufmann 1 or Kaufmann 2 of the Kaufmann Diet.

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