To Your Ill Health

To your Ill Health

53 million Americans suffer from 2nd hand alcohol!  Seriously! 20-25% of we
Americans are harmed by alcohol, according to a new study (

Mind you, the article excludes the important words linked to alcohol, “mycotoxin,” and “neurotoxicity!”

I am writing this to you as someone who was ignorant of the facts decades ago and used alcohol to calm me following the Vietnam War.  I was wrong as my drinking affected people I cared about.  I’ve not had a drink in many years and I enjoy my life considerably more now than I did then.

Knowing what we know today, who among us would open a big bottle of the weed killer, Roundup and drink it?  Of course we wouldn’t do that, because it is now known to be linked with cancer!   Yet according to WebMD, the same alcohol that we feast on in celebration of marriages, birthdays, graduation and even the birth of our children Is intimately linked to 7 different types of cancer.

It is both a fungal poison and it is toxic to our nervous systems, but it is also legal.  And this legal aspect of alcohol is unfortunately far more important to us than the knowledge that we receive from this important paper.

Please think deeply about alcohol, before your loved ones and people you’ve never even met are affected by it in your life.

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