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The Most Effective Weight Loss Diet

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Diet fads abound, but some simple, tried and true tricks are still the most effective.

People go to great lengths––and often spend small fortunes––with the intent of losing weight. From diet pills to overpriced exercise machines, to gym memberships, even surgery, there seems to be no end to the lengths people will go to shed some pounds.

And not without reason, either. Certainly, many people have vain motivations for wanting to lose weight, but ultimately, science has discovered that maintaining a healthy weight is a critical part of maintaining good health. Maintaining a healthy weight greatly reduces the risk for a number of diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many others.

Ultimately, though, many of the things people do to lose weight ultimately fail, both in the short and the long-term.

What we do know is this: Regardless of supplements, work out equipment, gym memberships or any other measure taken to shed some pounds, without proper diet, you will likely experience bad results. Diet is simply the most critical factor in the quest to lose weight. If your diet is not right, all other measures will likely be taken in vain.

Do Not Buy Into Hype

To that end, we have seen an endless stream of diets become popularized that promise to be the ultimate weight loss tool. However, the fact that new diets continue to come out is likely evidence that most diets do not have long-term efficacy as weight loss tools.

Ultimately there is no silver bullet diet that works for overnight weight loss. Some of the more extreme diets claiming this often do more harm than good, and even if dieters do lose a lot of weight rapidly, it often comes right back. Humans are not designed for extreme dieting, particularly as a weight loss too; it works against our body’s natural mechanisms.

What A Healthy Diet Looks Like

Instead of relying on diet fads and trends, focus on what a healthy diet looks like. Science has continued to show us what the key elements of a healthy diet are.

Ideally, a healthy diet includes an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. These come from fresh vegetables and fruits. A healthy diet includes lean protein, in the form of healthy meats, fish, and eggs. It would include healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts and certain nut oils.

As important as what is included, however, is what is excluded. Unilaterally, most sugar is eliminated. While this usually means added sugar, it also means foods naturally high in sugar, like many varieties of fruit. It also means foods high in carbohydrates and starch should likely be eliminated, such as bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. Most refined foods or foods laden with additives, preservatives, or coloring agents would likely be removed, too.

These are some of the basic, generally-agreed-upon tenants of what a healthy diet looks like.

The Kaufmann Diet And Weight Loss

The Kaufmann Diet essentially fits within the above framework, but it takes these tenants and adds to them.

The Kaufmann Diet is designed to eliminate pathogenic fungi from the diet and mitigate the risk posed by fungal poisons that contaminate part of our food supply. These fungi and mycotoxins can affect human health in a variety of negative ways, and there is evidence that they can even promote weight gain.

So, in addition to the basic tenants of a healthy diet, the Kaufmann Diet eliminates a variety of foods, such as grains, corn, sugar, peanuts, pistachios, and alcohol. These foods are at risk for contamination with mycotoxins and/or have the ability to feed a fungal infection.

Once they address an underlying fungal problem, many adherents to the Kaufmann Diet wind up losing weight at a sustained, reasonable pace.

(For more information on exactly what is and is not allowed on the Kaufmann Diet, Click Here!)

What Works: Tailoring Your Diet

The Kaufmann Diet has assisted many people in recovering from a wide variety of symptoms that were likely the result of an underlying yeast or fungal problem. One of its best uses, however, is for weight loss. Simply switching to the Kaufmann Diet often leads to weight loss in many dieters.

There are a few other tricks that you can tailor to The Kaufmann Diet that might assist in maximizing weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting

There are a variety of ways to go about intermittent fasting, but many studies have shown that it can assist dieters in losing more weight.

Eat More Fat

Eating more fat in proportion to protein and carbohydrates has been shown to promote ketosis––the process by which the body burns fat as fuel. To do this, dieters dramatically reduce their net carbohydrate intake (total carbs minus total fiber), ideally to less than 30g per day. This is the basis of the ketogenic diet, but it is very easy to tailor the Kaufmann Diet to this.

In Vs. Out

Weight loss can be more complex than simply calories in vs. calories expended, but particularly if you have hit a plateau with your weight loss, reducing the total number of calories in a given day may be beneficial. Often, particularly if you are eating nutrient dense foods like nuts or avocados, you take in more calories than you realize. Calorie counting certainly has its place, particularly for weight loss, on the Kaufmann Diet.

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