The Lockdown Continues and I’m Hungry!

Lockdown continues and I'm hungry

Kaufmann One, Schmoffmann One! Put a mouse in a box, add food and he will eat it. Many have told me that this is exactly what they feel like! Binge eating is here!  20 years ago, Dr Holland and I write a book, initially entitled WHAT MAKES BREAD RISE? But many didn’t understand my message.  So, we changed the name to THE FUNGUS LINK TO WEIGHT LOSS, and it flew off the shelves. It still does, for a reason.

The Fungus link to weight loss

Stop being puzzled by weight loss, and stop spending thousands of dollars on pills, potions and popular weight loss equipment. Order The Fungus Link To Weight Loss and see how simple it can be to shed unwanted weight.

According to researchers in Denmark we fall off of our diets for the same reason that the mouse eats any and everything when placed before them; emotional stress!

Add to that stress the sheer number of antibiotics being doled out to anyone who sneezes, and it is easy to see why we Americans are becoming obese.

After all, we need to quickly fatten cows in America, so we just add antibiotics, known growth enhancers, and an estrogenic fungal mycotoxin called “zearalenone,” and they fatten up quickly and nicely.

Be careful out there, especially if the majority of your time is spent at home!

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