The Fungus Link to Spring Allergies

Fungus Link to Spring Allergies

Each spring countless people will begin reaching for their nearest tissue box to help relieve sinus pressure or clear their nasal passageways. Although many people feel like the only relief they may be able to find is in a lifetime of shots, prescription medicines or over the counter medications, these aren’t the only options that people who suffer from mild spring allergies have available to them. But what if there was a different approach to limiting spring allergies and finally finding relief?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of limiting your exposure to allergens is ensuring that you have the highest quality air inside of your home or workplace possible. Many studies have found that the presence of mold can have a negative impact on existing allergy problems and, what seemed like a minor issue, may become unbearable with this added dynamic. If the right conditions are present, mold can release spores, fungal poisons or mycotoxins that, when inhaled, may further exacerbate allergy-related problems.

If you have experienced water damage in the past, the risk of exposure to mold could be even higher. If you are looking for a way to improve your air quality and mitigate exposure to mold or other potential allergens, you may even consider investing in a Pionair Air Treatment System. Unlike other air purifiers, Pionair doesn’t require any moving parts or filters to clean.  Negatively charged particles migrate outward from the device  to fight odors, particulates like allergens and even molds at their source. I have 3 of them and have used them for years. When limiting spring allergies, elevated indoor air quality is critical.

Fungal diseases are called “great pretenders” because they can (and do) mimic so many other diseases. Often, a change of diet and the proper supplements will enable you to see if your spring allergies are linked to fungus. Many people find relief by adhering to the Kaufmann 1 Diet, so with your physician’s approval, you may want to try that for 4-6 weeks and see if it helps you. This diet tends to starve fungus from your body. To learn more about the Kaufmann Diet, we encourage you to visit our getting started page to learn more or jump right in to your new lifestyle with The Kaufmann Diet Guide – Eating the Right Foods to Feel Great.

For most people, the Kaufmann Diet is started as a test to determine if their symptoms subsided or disappear following a 30-day diet experiment. Because spring allergies are just around the corner, starting the diet now might help determine if mycotoxins are at the root of your seasonal issues. Study more on our webpage and watch our TV and live social media shows for more information on how fungus and mycotoxins may be negatively impacting your health.

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