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The Diet Won’t Work Without Fixing This

Diet Won’t Work Without Fixing This
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The Kaufmann Diet is a diet designed to eradicate pathogenic fungi in the body and eliminate foods that are commonly contaminated with fungal poisons, called mycotoxins. To achieve, this, foods high in sugar and starchy carbohydrates are eliminated, along with foods like grains, corn, peanuts and other foods that are documented as being susceptible to mold contamination; subsequently, these foods are also contaminated by the poisons those molds produce under certain conditions. 

Many people find Know the Cause when they have exhausted every other method of trying to regain control of their health. The fact is, problems caused by yeasts and fungi can be difficult to diagnose, and thus treat; if you combine this with the fact that most practitioners are not very familiar with fungus-related healthy problems, you can see why many people are spinning their wheels trying to regain control of their health. 

Often times, people go on the diet and the anti-fungal program and experience relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years. These include symptoms like allergies, asthma, weight problems, chronic pain, brain fog, lack of energy, stomach problems, and many more. There is some evidence that yeasts and fungi might even play a role in serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. 

Some people go on the diet and do not find relief from symptoms. While it is entirely possible that your health problems are not related to fungus or diet in that case, it’s worth checking one more factor; the air in your home or place of work. 

Inhaling mold spores and poisons constitutes one of the most overlooked ways that fungi can interfere with our health. Indoor mold is known to cause a myriad of problems, including asthma, and worsening of allergies, but it is possible that it can cause even greater problems than these. Particularly if your home has experienced water damage, there may be mold lurking in places you can neither see or gain access to. 

The easiest way to get an idea if your home is contaminated or not is to test the air quality in your home. Mold test kits are available and many hardware stores; this valuable information can give you an idea about whether the air in your home is playing a role in your health problems and preventing the anti-fungal program from being effective. 

While the program can be very effective at eliminating fungal problems in the body, if you are constantly being overwhelmed with spores or airborne mycotoxins, all your efforts might be for not until that problem is addressed. If you should find mold contamination in your home, you should work to remediate it immediately. When that problem is resolved, you might be surprised at just how effective the Kaufmann Anti-fungal program can be. 

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