The Cost of Life-$260 per day

Pancreatic cancer, as one doctor stated, is an embarrassment to the medical profession. Survival rates are embarrassingly low. Worse, pancreatic cancers are often misdiagnosed, as I contend most cancers are, and when the correct diagnosis is finally realized the cancer is often far to advanced to be surgically removed. 

A new drug, Abraxane, has been developed, and when given with gemcitabine, the FDA approved pancreatic cancer chemo drug, Abraxane extends life about 54 days at a cost of $6,000-8,000 per month.

Another drug called Folfirinox was approved several years ago, and offers an average 126 days of extended survival. It also costs less.

MY TAKE-Where do I start? Why was this drug even approved? 

$14,000 buys a pancreatic cancer patient 54 days of survival. Do you ever stop to thank God for your health? To a pancreatic cancer patient, these 54 days are likely anything but quality days. I’ve had the privilege of working with many late stage cancer patients and can attest that diet and antifungal drugs can often dramatically increase not only lifespan, but also quality of life. Factoring in a good juicer, some organic vegetables and fruits, the cost of antifungal drugs or great antifungal supplements, along with probiotics, and beta glucan, within 6 months you’ll probably spend about $800! 

One final note; doctors rely on a blood test called the CA-19-9 to diagnose and monitor pancreatic cancer. What they are unaware of is that fungal mycotoxins cause increases in the test results. Imagine thinking that the CA 19-9 test is reliable in accurately diagnosing pancreatic cancer. Tragic…


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