The Best Cleaners for Mold

The Best Cleaners for Mold

Michael SmithHousehold mold is a common problem; mold is a ubiquitous organism, and it has little trouble finding quiet corners of our homes to colonize in. Many times, a little mold here or there is more or less harmless. But left unattended, molds will go on to produce spores, and certain species of mold can produce mycotoxins under the right conditions. These spores and mycotoxins can eventually go airborne, getting pushed through your home via the ducting and wind up in the air you breathe.

These spores and mycotoxins have the ability to cause miserable health problems. In fact, if you are experiencing symptoms of unknown etiology, having the air in your home tested might be a good idea.

But what’s the best way to take care of the problem if and when you locate it? There are a number of options that will work toward killing mold and getting it cleaned out of your home. Bleach is a common cleaner used in cases of mold. Bleach certainly works well in some cases, although for the more serious cases where the most powerful tools are required bleach is not your only option. Some even argue that Bleach is largely ineffective against many molds. Regardless, bleach is a powerful, industrial cleaner that is very toxic, so be careful, or find safer mold cleaning products.

Fortunately, you have safe, effective, natural options available.

Orange TKO is a fresh smelling, non-toxic cleaner derived from oranges. Its active component – D-Limonene – is a powerful anti-fungal. D-Limonene has also been found to be effective against certain types of cancer in a few studies. Orange TKO makes a great replacement for most of your household cleaners. It is so safe that it can be consumed out of the bottle. While that is obviously not recommended, this should ease any reticent parents’ minds over its safety.

Tea Tree Oil is another powerful anti-fungal agent. Often used topically, tea tree oil can be applied to mold colonies to ensure no spores get left behind.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a powerful antimicrobial. It can be mixed with water and used a solution that will knock germs out. KTC readers and watchers mostly know GSE as an anti-fungal supplement, but it is a multipurpose tool with powerful anti-fungal properties.

Always remember to exercise caution when dealing with mold. It is best to wear a mask, gloves and protective eyewear, just in case. Remember, for serious problems, there are companies that deal in mold remediation; getting an expert opinion in serious situations is always recommended.

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