Testimonial by Gabriel


I started Kaufmann 1 in August 2011. By the time the picture on the left was taken I had already lost about 20 pounds but I wasn’t exercising at all. I was just eating Kaufmann 1 and watching calories. I started cycling in February 2012 and, with Kaufmann 1, the fat has been melting off while giving me the fuel I need for frequent rides and muscle building.

They say that cycling adds about six years to your life. In my case, I think I’ve added more than that because Kaufmann 1 STOPPED the damage that was probably taking years off. But, even If I don’t live a day longer, I am living better so I am thankful.
And, thanks to Cooking Your Way to Good Health, my kids are even eating healthy and LOVING every minute of it. Even my seven year old loves the recipes. I could go on and on but I think the picture speaks for itself. 

The picture on the left was taken last year at Santa’s Tree Farm the weekend after Thanksgiving (it’s a tradition to go there). The picture on the right was taken at Santa’s today (11/25/2012). I lost a whole person, but still have work to do..


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