Supplementing Your Exercise With Supplements


When you begin an exercise regimen, it is important, to begin with the fundamentals, such as proper form for whatever activity you are participating in and not overworking yourself; this is simply so that you do not injure yourself. Then it is important to stay consistent with your regimen––working out once or twice a month, unfortunately, is not enough to glean the myriad of benefits exercise affords you. Steadily engaging in activity is the best way to reap the benefits of exercise.

The Fungus Link Vol 1 By Doug KaufmannLet’s say, however, that you have these elements in place. You are engaging regularly in exercise, and you are starting to see benefits from that regimen. Maybe your weight has dropped, or you are sleeping better and you notice you have more energy throughout the day. Maybe your muscles are more toned or your strength and stamina have heightened. Maybe your clothes fit better or your mood has improved. All of these things are benefits associated with regular exercise. But still, maybe you want to take it one step further and really get the most out of your workouts. The title is not intended to sound like a report from the Department of Redundancy Department; one way to maximize the results that you get in the gym is by supplementing your regular workout regimen with a regimen of supplements.

Like anything else in health, supplements are not a substitute for exercise, itself. Supplements’ efficacy are always maximized in conjunction with proper diet or a proper exercise routine, but to that end, adding supplements may allow you to get the most out of the work you put in at the gym or wherever you get your physical activity. Here are some supplements that may be beneficial for you to add to your exercise regimen.

Supplemental Protein
When you work out, your muscles tear themselves down and rebuild themselves while you are at rest. They rebuild themselves with the protein we get in our diet. There are plenty of excellent sources of protein allowed on the Kaufmann 1 Diet, from eggs to grass-fed beef to nuts, but for those who really want to pack their diet with protein, it may be good to add protein powders or shakes into your regimen. Egg white protein or whey protein may be good while you are on the Kaufmann 1 Diet; look for varieties free of added sugar, and organic is best when possible.

Is an amino acid that helps move fat into the mitochondria of cells to be processed as energy. Taking L-carnitine as a pre-workout may help you burn fat. Remember, carnitine is not a silver bullet or a magic fat-burning tool, but it will help give you that extra fat-burning edge that you would not otherwise have.

Green Tea
Components of green tea are known to assist one in combatting fat. While most beverages other than water, including many kinds of tea, are discouraged on the Kaufmann 1 Diet, green tea may be a good beverage to include in your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

B Vitamins
Feeling sluggish? Adding certain B Vitamins can assist in boosting energy, giving you the added kick you need to jump into your workout.

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