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Sugar Addictions – Not So Benign

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The word addiction usually conjures images of the most nefarious type – illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc. Addictions have driven many people to ruin their lives. 

To combat this, millions, if not billions, of dollars are spent every year on law enforcement, research into the psychology and physiology of addiction, and rehabilitation and support for addicts. Often, this is to no avail – addicts notoriously relapse into old habits. It is difficult not to pity them. 

Certainly, there are other addictions that are more benign; my personal vice of choice is certain hot, black liquid that smells wonderful. I have a feeling I’m not alone here either; the thirst for coffee in America is evidenced by the chain coffee shops on every street corner. Caffeine, while not as virulent as illegal substances (or legal ones like alcohol and tobacco), seems to give other addictive substances a run for their money. 

For many people, going on the Kaufmann 1 diet is just as much about breaking bad habits as it is about developing good ones. Lifestyles, which are the result of choices you’ve made over your entire life, are notoriously hard to change. The Kaufmann 1 seeks break addictions to certain foods – most notably grains, sugar, starch and alcohol, which happen to be foods deeply engrained in the American way of living. 

As a side note, I have talked to Doug personally about having coffee on Kaufmann 1 many times, and while he always told me a little was OK, I think he was just trying to ease my pain a bit. Doug usually recommends saving coffee in moderation for Kaufmann 2, because coffee comes from a bean (legume) and legumes are relegated to Kaufmann 2. 

The sugar addiction, however, is what most people struggle with. Addiction to a food? Sounds pretty benign, right? But Doug has published extensively about how parasitic fungi, once on board, can alter your cravings so that you crave what they crave. What is fungi’s favorite food? Sugar. And as most people who have tried Kaufmann 1 before can attest, the resulting Herxheimer reaction from starving fungi can be pretty terrible. 

I just recently went back on Kaufmann 1 to lose some unwanted weight. Since I’ve done this before, I knew what to expect. The first few days are rough; even after finishing a delicious Kaufmann 1 salad, I still felt hungry, even though I felt full – sort of a contradiction, I know. I was craving pita bread and hummus – two carby, grainy things that definitely weren’t on the diet. Even a tortilla sounded good, or croutons! Who craves tortillas or croutons??

I managed to hold out, and trust me, the diet gets easier after a few days. But I think this experience brings up an interesting point, and I think I can offer a few tips for Kaufmann 1 dieters. 

1. Recognize the difference between cravings and hunger. They are not the same thing. Once you recognize that you don’t need anything else to eat, you can talk yourself out of making dietary mistakes. 

2. Nuts like walnuts and macadamias and grapefruit can help with sugar cravings. They work for me – if you are struggling, give them a try.


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