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Our Ever Shifting Cholesterol Paradigm

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 Cholesterol has quite the reputation, but not just as an insidious cohort in heart disease. It seems as if it has become better known as a target for a variety of designer drugs that Big Pharma has dumped onto the market. These drugs lower bad cholesterol, purportedly reducing the risk of heart disease.

Unfortunately, in the process, they can do more harm than good with the list of side effects in the fine print that’s as long as your arm.

There are, of course, safer alternatives to taking these drugs, such as diet and exercise; these are often even mentioned in ads selling cholesterol, but are construed to seem inefficient or incapable of lowering cholesterol to safe levels. Of course, we here at KTC disagree with that – as long as you are on the right diet.

As a side note, there are a number of supplements that can help with lowering cholesterol, such as red yeast rice, fish oil, and Kyolic garlic. Even though red yeast rice is a fungal product, I’ve heard Doug recommend this a number of times, and I’ve seen its efficacy first hand with my mom. While no one at KTC would ever advise using any information on this site in lieu of a doctor’s recommendations, perhaps you could bring up these supplements and request a trial period at your next doctor appointment.

Diet still remains Doug’s recommendation of choice for cholesterol. The Kaufmann 1 works remarkably well at getting the body back in balance, and lowering cholesterol seems to be a byproduct of this mechanism. I find it funny that there are certain dietary restrictions for people taking cholesterol medications, especially surrounding grapefruit. Grapefruit has been shown to amplify cholesterol medication’s effects, leading to dangerous side effects. Ironically, studies have shown grapefruit itself to be excellent in lowering cholesterol. Why would anyone choose a pill over grapefruit? The answer remains elusive.

As another example of the diet and cholesterol link, check out this article on Yahoo. Participants in a study that ate nuts, soy, avocado and olive oil were more successful at lowering their cholesterol than people on low-fat, high grain diets. While some of the foods included in the first group’s diet aren’t included on Kaufmann 1, most are included in Kaufmann 2. Kaufmann 1 is the antithesis of low-fat, high grain diets. But for years, the paradigm surrounding fat has led us to believe that it will give us heart disease, and even foods like avocado and nuts were cautioned against! Now, it seems, the tables are turning.

It would be hyperbole to call the Kaufmann 1 diet a cure-all, and no one at KTC would suggest that it is. However, it is amazing how a well-oiled (pun certainly intended) machine works; when you give your body what it needs, avoid foods that feed fungi and seek to avoid mycotoxins, you will be amazed at how quickly you return to a state of balanced health. Give a try for two-three weeks. For more information, check out Doug’s line of books.

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