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Some Gadgets that Might Help You Achieve Good Health

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Whenever someone is attempting to change their lifestyle, especially to something as radically different from most as the Kaufmann 1 diet is, it helps to have every tool you can possibly arm your arsenal with at your disposal.

Obviously, the most important tool is knowledge. In the case of diet, knowledge of the fungi and mycotoxins is an especially critical tool – these organisms and their byproducts can contaminate food, infect human tissue and wreak havoc on our health. If these things were common knowledge, Know the Cause might not exist. Knowing what foods fungi and mycotoxins commonly contaminate, how to eat in order to avoid those toxins and starve pathogenic fungi, and what substances actively fight against fungi and mycotoxins are critical tools, as well. These things are fundamental, and with them alone, you are off to a great start.

If you are like me, you love practical things that accomplish tasks simply and make your life easier. So, I wanted to bring up a couple of things that you probably already have that you might not have thought of as health promoting devices. Also, I might list some things that you hadn’t thought of using in your quest for health.

This more or less should go without saying, but you never know when someone new is going to stumble upon the blog! If I had to invest in one “health gadget”, I would put my money towards a good blender. Blending Kaufmann 1 fruits and vegetables into a portable, delicious drink or shake is one of the easiest ways to eat Kaufmann 1. My morning smoothie consists of coconut water, an avocado and frozen berries. If I have some powdered vitamins, almond or cashew butter, coconut oil, nuts, or protein powder lying around, in they go, as well. It is simple, and never cloyingly sweet like smoothies or blended beverages you’d get at supposedly healthy purveyors. No added sugar necessary, and you don’t lose the fiber like you do when you juice fresh food.

Coffee Grinder
Herbs and spices enjoy a special place in the Kaufmann 1 lifestyle. Not only do they make food delicious and more interesting, most of them exhibit some sort of anti-fungal or anti-mycotic activity. It simply doesn’t get better, does it? Coffee grinders are a great way to take advantage of fresh, whole herbs and spices. Simply grind them and add them to food, or encapsulate them and use them as a supplement – remember that post I made about cinnamon? Using a coffee grinder would be a great way to take advantage of all those wonderful properties of cinnamon.

Food Dehydrator
This might perhaps be something most people don’t have, and I’ll be honest, I don’t have one right now. I really want one though, and here is why: I like to have stuff to snack on, and I’m always on the go. I travel quite a bit, and it goes without saying that finding Kaufmann 1 food on the road is… difficult. Packing things to go, like trail mix, is a great way to remedy this. Dehydrating berries or green apples is a great way to make them last longer and still get the health-promoting advantages. Dehydrators can also make “chips” out of a lot of fruits and vegetables, which is great for fans of salsa – like myself (Also, blender are great for making homemade Kaufmann 1 salsa… just a thought… ).

iPod or other MP3 player
I’ll admit it; I’m part of the tech generation. But nothing makes a workout go by easier for me than a workout music mix, and it helps inspire me to go if I have new music to listen to. Some people prefer to be alone with their own thoughts while they exercise, and that is totally fine. But as for me, I’ll take the music.

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