So Close, Yet So Far Away

Doug Kaufmann
What happens when California legislatures figure out that prescription medications are some of the most toxic chemicals in the world?


I say “some of the most” because as a fan of our TV show “Know The Cause” you already know it will take these environmentalists another decade or two to finally figure out that fungi make byproducts that are such toxic chemicals, that are documented as causing much human illness and even cancer.  Here’s why I don’t think these investigators will soon implicate mycotoxins in their search for “toxic chemicals.”  The process whereby fungi make these poisonous mycotoxins is totally “natural.” In California, as in most of the 50 states now, all things “natural” are fine and dandy, without any other reason that they simply contain that seven-letter word “natural.” Natural can’t kill, but those baby bottles and cars are killing we Americans rapidly!

Prescription drugs aren’t natural.  I say send in the pit bulls, California! Sadly, as you and I know, even though prescription drugs exemplify the words “toxic chemicals” sometimes pit bulls control purse strings.  What are your thoughts on this? 

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