Is Our FDA Concerned About Our Health?

Doug Kaufmann
You know that for decades, I’ve been outspoken about our cows being routinely fed antibiotics.  I recall the dairy industry arguing that prophylactic antibiotics was necessary because cows got so many bacterial infections.  Of course another truth came out some years ago, that antibiotics are growth promoters and no one wants to buy a skinny cow.  It’s big business! 


Cow growth promoters come in many packages and I don’t believe that any are safe for human consumption, but I’m not the FDA. Once antibiotics were in our food supply, they couldn’t stop there. Then in 1994 the FDA approved Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) injected into the base of the tail, of milk producing cows.  The problem is, we didn’t need more milk, because farmers already had a surplus!  Why in the world would the FDA jeopardize our health with a synthetic hormone in our meat and milk supply?  It probably wouldn’t shock readers of this blog to learn that Monsanto Chemical Company developed this hormone and drug maker Eli Lilly and Company owns it today.

But wait, there’s more!  Recently I learned that the poisonous, estrogenic mycotoxin Zearalenone has been synthesized and added to our cows feed supply. Once again, we are being told that it is a growth hormone.  Because of their health concerns, the European Union and Canada will not allow this hormone in their food supply, but the FDA has approved it for American consumption.

If, mind you… If, our FDA and the drug companies have a diabolical scheme to injure and to maintain illness in we Americans, they are doing a stellar job of satisfying it.  Why else would mycotoxins like antibiotics and synthetic hormones with published links to serious human illnesses, be allowed ONLY in the American food supply? 

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