Sniffing Out Cancer

Sniffing out Cancer

Canines Sniffing out Cancer?

I’ve discussed this before but it bears repeating….over and over again. This time, teaches us that our dogs have a sense of smell that is 1,000,000 times great than ours!  Better yet is that this website begs the proper question as to how our doctors are benefitting us with all of these urine and blood tests over what our dogs might be able to do without our urine or blood.  Dogs smell right through us!

Many compounds on this earth emit Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s.  I do not believe that it is coincidental that two of them are cancer cells and fungi. Might they be one in the same? Further, I don’t believe that it is coincidental that 4 years ago, the toenail antifungal drug Sporanox was repurposed as a cancer drug! Canines sniffing out Cancer? What does that tell you about the obvious link between cancer and fungus?

Man’s best friend is much keener than man ever imagined! Millions of us have athletes’ foot.  Is it any wonder that dogs sniff and then chew our shoes?

Making advanced expensive and invasive appointments with your dog are unnecessary….

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Sniffing out Cancer

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