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Sick House Kills Actress and Husband

Doug Kaufmann
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There are two things that disturb me terribly about fungus; that so few physicians acknowledge its ability to contribute to illness and death and the fact that those who do believe feel that only immunocompromised people-those with AIDS or on chemotherapy-are vulnerable to it.


A relevant case in point is spreading through the media like wild fire and it presents an unfortunate case as to the ignorance that exists in medicine when referring to mold or fungus induced illness. 



Actress Brittney Murphy died unsuspectingly last December of what was thought to be either anemia or pneumonia.  The media reported however that her death might have been due to multiple prescriptive drug intoxication or an eating disorder.  I have long faulted three parties equally when prescribed drugs accidentally kill, as was proposed in Murphy’s case; the pharmaceutical companies, the prescriber and those in a position to see that accidental drug deaths do not occur in the first place, the FDA.  Buried patients are thought to be the abusive ones, but I believe otherwise. With regard to a proposed eating disorder, keep in mind that anorexia is a symptom of exposure to fungus.  Scientists should know this because appetite suppression is a known symptom of exposure to molds.


I recall images of Michael Jackson’s untimely death as I listened to the news reports of yet another drug overdose by yet another talented young media celebrity last December.  But then something strange happened.  Screenwriter, Simon Monjack, Murphy’s husband, living in the same home, died of the exact condition that his wife did 5 months earlier; anemia and pneumonia. 


Those who follow my work know that I contend that that mold can injure and kill human beings.  Seemingly the entire medical community disagrees, as I attested in the opening of this blog.  Being a ubiquitous organism, there are those who will vehemently deny that mold or fungus can cause injury or death.  Those who do agree with me to some extent, contend that only the sickliest of mammals would ever succumb to mold because they were on deaths doorstep all along.  Inhaling or ingesting mold was simply the straw that broke the camels back, not the etiology of their death.


Brittany’s mother is flying in from Europe enabling investigators to begin testing Murphy and Monjack’s home.  They suspect that a toxic mold inside their house caused their deaths.  In order to confirm such an allegation, of course, it will first have to be proven that inhaled mold in a toxic house could cause anemia and pneumonia that both had suffered from just prior to their deaths.


As science goes, for reasons I will never understand, information linking mold and fungus to health problems in America seems suppressed.  A research paper dated 2003 seems to reflect a general consensus that as this paper attests, “indoor mold is not a source of fungal infection” unless a person has severely impaired immunity. (12762072)


This is the sad tragedy that awaits mold investigators working in the Murphy house.  Finding an unbiased researcher in America to testify as to the probability that mold killed them both is going to be difficult.  Hopefully, astute attorneys will rely rather on published data that arrives at a totally different conclusion.


One indoor mold that many researchers, including American teams, seem to be convinced is attributable to mammalian illness is Stachybotrys chartarum, which produce a class of extremely poisonous mycotoxins called “airborne macrocyclic trichothecenes.”   In their 2004 article published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Cleveland, Ohio researchers state that indoor molds do, in fact present a known danger to inhabitants of water-damaged houses and/or buildings and that lung bleeding may be a side affect of exposure.  Obviously blood loss would lead to anemia.  Stachybotrys, they contend, was found to be “hemolytic in vitro and in vivo.”  This means that both in a test tube as well as inside the body (likely tested in an animal), an abnormal break down of red blood cells (hemolysis) occurred.  With such an abnormal event would come the obvious eventual diagnosis of anemia.  In this paper we see that both lung damage and blood cell damage is implicated as being linked to exposure to this mold.  Recall that Murphy and Mojack both died of lung and blood cell damage. (14767429)


A Finnish study stated much the same thing in 1996.  Each of these interesting papers offer readers this statement; “The pathogenesis of Stachybotrys-atra-induced lung diseases has not been elucidated.”  I believe it is important to all readers of this blog to understand that medicine is very slow to move on advances.  We tend to thank them for their conservative actions, but if I am correct, that many of us are unnecessarily dying of mold exposure, their seemingly conservative actions immediately convert to liberal ideologies and agendas.  Simply put, there are far too many dying of “unknown etiologies” and far too many publications implicating mold and fungus as “the cause” to not look outside of the medical box.

This interesting paper states that the Statchybotrys mycotoxins (satratoxins) “caused severe intra-alveolar, bronchiolar and interstitial inflammation (pneumonia?) with haemorrhagic exudative (oozing blood) processes.” (8977373)


In 2003, yet another Finnish paper, this time published in the journal Clinical Experimental Allergy, confirmed that pneumonia might be a symptom of mold exposure.  Their abstract opens with the words, “Stachybotrys chartarum is a damp building mould and a potent toxin producer that has been related to serious cases of respiratory health problems.”  Who among them would deny that pneumonia is a “serious respiratory health problem?”  They do however, go on to say that the “direct link between exposure and health problems has not been established.”  Amazing, isn’t it?  In one breath in their research paper they state that it can kill you, in another, an admission that they may be totally wrong!  Why is this obvious mold=illness conclusion so feared by our doctors and researchers?


Their results indicated that intranasal impregnation of Stachybotrys did, in fact, induce “pro-inflammatory cytokines and leukocyte-attracting chemokines.” This condition might be diagnosed as pneumonia. (14616875)


Keep in mind that both Murphy and Monjack were young, healthy people.  Yes, Murphy was on many different prescriptive drugs, because many different doctors supplied them to her, treating one symptom after another as her body began breaking down physiologically from mold exposure.  Instead of ever sitting down and listening to Brittany and realizing that all of her symptoms began when she moved into that house, their answer was always predictable – take another drug.  In his book, Gravities Rainbow, author Thomas Pynchon states, “If they can get you asking the wrong question, they never have to provide the right answer.”  Such a fitting statement for this particular blog.  Neither Brittney or her husband were immunocompromised when they moved into that house.  Ironically, it is likely that they acquired immuno-incompetence by inhaling the very toxic spores that would eventually kill them.  Why would not one of her doctors understand this?  Long term, it is NOT the competency of anyone’s immune system, rather the duration of toxic mold exposure that ultimately determines their health. is a wonderful website.  One of the questions posed on their websites came from a family with two children.  They have lived in a moldy apartment for 5 months. Their daughter recently died of pneumonia and now their son has been hospitalized twice with pneumonia.  They wrote into the website inquiring as to whether mold could have killed their daughter and injured their son.  The responders’ answer was eloquent and sensitive.


Two normally healthy people are dead, most likely because of mold inhalation.  A young boy is in the hospital and his sister is dead, most likely because of mold inhalation.  Just today, there are hundreds of death certificates awaiting a physician’s signature and the listed “cause of death.”  If you believe as I do that mold and fungus is fully capable of killing normally healthy people with competent immune systems, then it is likely that at least one half of those death certificates should state “mycotoxicosis” as the cause of death.


For so many years I have felt lonely knowing this information and getting a cold shoulder from those in medicine.  My goal changed years ago when I saw evidence that our brightest and best, our healers will never understand this.  At one time I was angry because I wanted them to know this and help their patients and I couldn’t understand why something this obvious was overlooked.  Now, I just want to help their patients.  The more people you drive to this website, the more possible it becomes to achieve my goal.  Independently, I am lost, but with you, my work transcends the blindness that exists in science today.


Thank You! 

Doug Kaufmann



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