Selling Sickness In America

Doug Kaufmann
In the book Selling Sickness, the authors touch on my sentiments perfectly in the opening Prologue.  I’m so excited to read this gem! Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels open with the frightening thought that reality itself made worse only 30 years later.


Merck pharmaceutical’s CEO, Henry Gadsden told interviewee Fortune Magazine that he wished that he could sell pharmaceutical drugs to not only sick people, but well people as well!  Hate to say, “I told you so,” but this very fear is echoed week after week on my segment, News and Views.

I’ll keep you posted on the content of the book as I get further along in my reading, but Chapter One is entitled, as you might guess, Selling to Everyone…High Cholesterol.  There is currently a person in my life, whom I care for dearly, who is confused and frightened by the fact that a physician he trusts would prescribe a drug with such dangerous side effects for a one time blood test that might have been inaccurate. 

Was the cholesterol-lowering drug even necessary?  Is a 250 cholesterol considered high?  By whom?  Is there a conflict of interest in their assessment of cholesterol values? Most importantly, who is assigned to protect the patient?

Stay tuned, and please see to it that family and friends read this blog.

Many thanks! 

Doug Kaufmann

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