Shameful Ignorance

Shameful Ignorance

A poison found in the diet of a large proportion of the world’s population “remains a largely and rather shamefully ignored global health issue.”

This statement has come from me for 45 years and it has seemed that very few heard my plea to change your diet immediately to exclude those poisons. It now comes from the medical journal, Carcinogenesis (Vol 31, N 1 pp. 71-82, 2010), that stated that two mycotoxins, Aflatoxin and Fumonisin contaminate a large fraction of the world’s food. Can you imagine that cancer doctors are now admitting that mycotoxin poisoning has been shamefully ignored? Why is that? You see, although these fungal poisons, called “mycotoxins,” can cause every symptom and disease a human being can have, yet treating these medical problems with drugs is far more profitable than knowing why they exist.

The fungi that make these poisons can only survive when they are fed carbohydrates; foods that convert to sugar after eating them; grains like corn, sugar, potatoes, many fruits, etc…

People with mycotoxin disorders tend to crave these very foods. Let me close this blog with a bold statement and one that could only come from my decades of clinical nutrition work;  you’d be shocked if you knew how many human symptoms and diseases would disappear if those suffering from them stopped feeding the very fungus that causes them…




– Doug

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