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Prescription and Natural Anti-fungals

Prescription vs Natural
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Prescription and natural anti-fungals both can play an important role when you are on The Kaufmann Diet. While the diet alone is an important tool for eliminating pathogenic yeast and fungi in the body, along with mitigating the risk of mycotoxins inherent in our food supply, supplementing the diet’s potency with the power of anti-fungal compounds is an important part of the anti-fungal approach. But when are natural anti-fungals appropriate, and when are the purportedly more powerful prescriptions appropriate?

Natural Anti-Fungals

Natural anti-fungal supplements should typically be started in tandem with the Kaufmann One Diet. These include products like oregano oil, caprylic acid, olive leaf extract, aged garlic supplements, and many others. Many, if not most, of these are food-derived, and very safe. 

These type of supplements should be started with the diet, and taken as directed on the bottle. Once you are finished with one, rotating to a new anti-fungal supplement is a good strategy. In other words, if you start with a product like oregano oil, after you have taken it as directed and finished a bottle, begin an aged garlic supplement. This allows a broad-spectrum approach to fighting pathogenic fungi and gives them less opportunity to evade elimination. There are a wide variety of these products available, and you should be able to rotate them for some time. 

It is important, however, to tell your doctor before beginning any new anti-fungal (or any supplement), particularly if you take any sort of medications. These can interfere with certain medications, so it is important to get your doctor’s permission before altering your supplement regimen. 

Prescription Anti-fungals

Prescription anti-fungals are a class of drugs designed to kill fungi, and you must get a prescription from a doctor to get these drugs. These are powerful tools for eliminating yeast and fungi from the body, and they can be very useful in certain circumstances. 

The caveat with anti-fungal drugs is that you must find a doctor who is willing to prescribe these drugs. Often, doctors are reticent to prescribe such drugs, because many doctors do not deal with fungal related health problems on a regular basis. This is in spite of the fact these problems may be far more prevalent than many believe. 

If you can find a doctor willing to prescribe these drugs, they can be useful in sever circumstances. These are powerful drugs and come with risks and side effects, making it all the more important to work with a doctor who understands both these conditions and these drugs. 

Is One Better Than The Other?

Just because prescription anti-fungals are purportedly more powerful, this does not mean natural anti-fungals are not useful. Quite the opposite is true; in combination with diet, natural anti-fungals are powerful tools for eliminating yeast and fungi in the body. In fact, some of these substances have shown to have equal or greater anti-fungal activity when compared to prescriptions in some circumstances. Natural anti-fungals tend to be gentler with fewer side effects, as they are very often food-derived. 

Both prescription and natural anti-fungals have their place, however. Particularly in extreme circumstances with a doctor’s help, prescription anti-fungals can play a valuable role in your healing. 


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