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Placing the cart before the horse medicine

Cart Before The Horse
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Horses pull things. They aren’t great pushers. Therefore, they must be in front of the cart and hooked to it, so they can pull it. Our doctors are taught to treat the symptoms of unknown illnesses and diseases with prescription drugs.  Since they study the effects that diabetes, heart disease, lupus and cancer have on the human body, the cause continues to elude them. Medical schools must teach our brightest and best that they have no right to investigate the cause of human misery-rather they are licensed to treat it. Without them understanding the cause, their patients are sometimes relegated to a lifetime of taking prescriptive medications.

A recent study places the horse directly in front of the cart.  Japanese researchers have discovered that increased rates of infections may predict future cancer diagnosis. If I were a doctor, I’d find this information fascinating and begin studying how infections might initiate cancer. But I’m not. But I do know what they do not know.  Antibiotics are fungal poisons, called “mycotoxins.” Antibiotics are well known to increase the risk and cause of our most common cancers like breast, prostate, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, to name a few. This information is available to the Japanese researchers and to all antibiotic makers and prescribers. Yet, somehow this extremely important information never makes it into medical school educational systems.

It isn’t infections that increase the risk of cancer diagnoses at all.  Rather, it’s prescribing antibiotic after antibiotic after antibiotic that increases cancer rates! I do not believe this information is known to our doctors, so it becomes essential that you know it. In my humbled opinion, when antibiotics are chased with probiotics and sugars are limited, the damage done by antibiotic treatment may be minimal. Now that you have this information, help me get those horses rounded up and attached to steel rods so they can push the carts!

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