Orthopedists Financial Conflicts Can Hurt Patients, Surgeon Says

Orthopedists' Financial Conflicts Can Hurt Patients, Surgeon Says

Reads an AME and MedPageToday headline.

“It’s financially compelling for doctors to do things that don’t help patients”

Here is a list of questionable surgeries according to doctors:
1. Vertebroplasty-$10,000
2. Rotator Cuff Repairs in Elderly-$15,000
3. Clavicle fracture repair called “plating” in younger patients-$13,000
4. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear Repair in Low-Risk individuals-$10,000
5. Surgical removal of part of a torn meniscus-$6,000

If you think orthopedic surgery is the only specialty in medicine where unnecessary procedures are done more for financial gain than patient benefit, think again. From “free” teeth whitening to unnecessary screening procedures and medical testing, we are currently seeing “profitable abuse” in very high places. At least it is now being admitted. Medicine is a self-policing industry that is heavily supported by drug company influence. Why do I believe that we in the public aren’t more aware of such surgical corruption? In every one of the above questionable surgeries, drugs are used.

For decades, my work has involved optometry more than brain surgery; I hope to open your eyes!




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