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New Blog on the New Site, Same Diet

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So you have probably noticed the beautiful website redesign for The site still features the same information, just with a fresh, updated look. You’ve also noticed that the blog is still here. We are going to continue to bring you helpful information and pertinent news on a weekly basis – check back often for updates.

Most of you have been to this site before, and you know what Know the Cause is about. Know the Cause is a daily health talk show that was started and is still hosted by Doug Kaufmann. Doug has written a series of books linking a range of very serious health problems to pathogenic yeasts, fungi, molds and mildews. His research and experience spans four decades of working in health. is the companion site to the television show, which is available in most major markets.

While Doug’s work in clinics may have been a more traditional medical approach, the advice he offers in his books and on his show centers more around diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, both as prevention and as medicine. Through excluding certain foods and including others, Doug contends that people can avoid mycotoxins – poisonous fungal byproducts that often contaminate food –and starve any sort of pathogenic fungi that could be causing health problems. With the addition of certain supplements, including probiotics and natural anti-fungals, most people can successfully protect themselves against fungi and mycotoxins.

The Kaufmann 1 diet is simple and clean. The Kaufmann 1 diet excludes all of the following, without question: sugar, corn, wheat, grains, potatoes, starch, mushrooms, dietary yeast, antibiotics, alcohol, or any components thereof. Included in the Kaufmann 1 diet is grass fed meats, pastured chicken/turkeys, wild caught ocean fish, nuts, seeds, most vegetables and fruits limited to the the tarter variety.

The Kaufmann 1 diet isn’t about calorie counting or cutting dietary fat. It isn’t strictly speaking a “carb-cutting” diet, either. The Kaufmann 1 diet seeks to exclude foods that are contaminated with mycotoxins and that could potentially feed pathogenic fungi that may have colonized in your body. Research has shown grains and corns to often be contaminated with mycotoxins; Doug has linked these mycotoxins to many serious diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. He designed his diet to avoid these products, and included foods that starve pathogenic fungi.

All the information in Doug’s books is well cited; his books are an excellent resource for someone just starting on a journey towards good health, or for people who have had little luck with traditional medicine and remedies. His full line of books is offered in our store, and each book contains information on specific diseases, more in-depth dietary information, and a host of other resources to help you along. You can find our store by clicking the link on the top right corner of this page.

Thank you for visiting the new site; be sure to send a link to all your friends. The “Fungus Link” could be the missing link they’ve been searching for in their quest for good health this whole time!

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