My “Best Of” File … in 2008

Five years ago this very day, I closed my file for the best medical news stories of 2008, and earlier. I thought you’d enjoy reading a few of the headlines;


Fungus Can Look Like Cancer. The news article was dated 2002 and was a inquiry letter sent to Dr. Paul Donahue who wrote for the Palm Beach Reporter. We knew this in 2002? Why don’t we know it in 2013?


Diabetic pig characterized by hepatic and cellular insulin-resistance. “To induce diabetes, domestic pigs are treated with high dose streptozotocin, a chemical agent which disturbs insulin secretion and induced insulin resistance.” Of course, you and I know that streptozotocin is a well-known fungal-mycotoxin…and it causes diabetes! Yet in 2013, we continue to hear “we don’t know the cause of diabetes!”


Here is one dated 1/17/2003. The Overselling of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). From the Dept of Health Care services from George Washington University and the National Women’s Health Network. Yes, HRT was grossly oversold to women. Today, we give hormones to cattle, whose milk and meat we then drink and eat. The big hormone story today is what I call, “the man scam” of “Low T.” Soon, I believe, I’ll be reporting the injury and worse done to men by these hormones-remember, this is simply HRT for men. What didn’t we men learn about female HRT? Currently, I believe that the PSA test is another man scam. 


Prostate Cancer-Now What? An early paper dated 11/13/2002. Two articles released on 9/11/2002 about the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. One paper suggested that waiting was the best option, while the other paper said that surgical removal of the prostate was the best option. BOTH were from the SAME news service and BOTH were released within 30 minutes of each other. Here is the amazing thing about these two studies; they were BOTH medical opinions on a study released in the New England Journal of Medicine! If you visit doctors, this should concern you because two different groups interpreted one conclusion differently. Mind you, this was 12 years ago and little has changed regarding prostate disease.

  Of course, we know much more about prostate cancer today….right? Wait until you see the prostate cancer education that I have planned for you in 2014, including interviews with the doctor who invented the PSA test! Does the PSA really detect prostate cancer or is it a great hoax perpetuated upon men?


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