Momma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up With Crohn’s Disease



A large medical website site does well at establishing what Crohn’s Disease (CD) is, but falls far short of teaching why it exists. It states that most often, CD impacts people between 13 and 30 years of age. Further, they state that diet plays no role in the development of CD, and that although not in all cases, a defect in the CARD15 gene might cause CD.

In 2017, you will see me do more reporting on the PREVENTION of diseases like Crohn’s, whereas in years past, I have substantiated the fungus link to the symptom/disease and offered intervention

The purpose of this blog will try to assist parents in preventing this disease. But if you have a child or loved one with CD, I’d like to offer fresh information on its cause while dispelling the notion that we are helpless in helping our loved ones with CD.

First, what would mutate a child’s healthy DNA? The ability of fungal poisons (mycotoxins) to mutate human genes is very well documented, to the point that we have even proven that cancer can initiate when a mycotoxin mutates ordinarily healthy human DNA.

Next, what do fungal poisons have to do with CD? A brilliant scientist, whom I have had the honor of communicating with over the past few years has published that CD patients do, in fact, have the disease causing bacteria in their intestines that their doctors treat with antibiotics, but many also have a newly discovered type of fungal infection. Treating fungal infections with antibiotics may have negative consequences as they can inhibit disease causing fungi from responding favorably to antifungal medication. Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum isn’t your typical scientist who publishes research papers and then hopes scientists’ heed his information; he is driven to help people with his knowledge. We hope to learn more from him in 2017.

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Now that we know that fungus can cause CD and we know that the poisons they spew can mutate human DNA, how might this information help a CD patient, or actually prevent a parent from exposing their children to these potent fungal poisons that might cause CD?

Finally, how might parents prevent or more successfully treat an existing case of CD? Fungi are everywhere from the grains in our breakfast cereal, to indoor mold, to the antibiotics that we routinely use to control our child’s ear infections or fever. Most physicians are unaware that common foods and medications exposure children to fungal mycotoxins, or that may be capable of causing serious health problems, like CD. Antibiotics are known to contribute to CD. Therefore, for a medical website to deny that diet is associated with CD is spurious, since commonly eaten foods like corn and wheat can be contaminated with fungal mycotoxins and can negatively impact health.

Do you now see a link to your loved one’s CD and fungus? If you have a loved one with CD, copy this blog and its references and share it with your doctor. Request antifungal medication and offer to change your diet, (see The Kaufmann Diet) in addition to considering supplemental oral probiotics. With serious medical conditions like CD, results may be seen within 7-14 days.


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