A Letter From Doug

The year was 1999. I was turning 50 years old in a few days. At 49, I found myself being interviewed on the popular TV show, COPE, hosted by Dr. Karen Hayter. The filming took place at FamilyNet Studios in Fort Worth, Texas. Little did I know that I was weeks away from having my own TV show on that same network.

Although my mind told me that I was a great TV show host, or that my knowledge transcended others in the health care filed, viewing reruns a decade later proved that my mind was wrong! Why, then, did Know The Cause become such a popular TV show? Because you trusted me.

As Know The Cause enters its 17th year on television, I have loyal viewers and incredibly talented and relevant advertisers, each of whom I consider my friends. You help each other. Thank for your involvement in the success of “the little TV show that could,” Know The Cause!

The live Facebook weekly appearances will continue in 2017, but I will suspend them for a few weeks while traveling during the Christmas and New Year holidays, as I visit family members. The daily TV shows will continue as usual, but the live Internet show will resume the 2nd week in January. After 17 years of taped TV shows, I really enjoy the live weekly shows. There is an intimacy that exists, knowing that for an hour, we are all simultaneously joined in live conversation with each other. I’ve also loved responding to your questions and concerns in real time.

May each of you have a peaceful, relaxing and joyous Christmas and New Year. Thank you for your loyalty and friendship through the years. May God continue to richly bless your lives! Doug Kaufmann

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