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Meningitis 101

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A laboratory in Massachusetts made many vials of liquid cortisone that doctors commonly inject into the spine of back pain patients. Apparently, the laboratory had the same problem that Dr.Alexander Fleming had in 1928; environmental mold.

Whereas his mold became the drug “penicillin,” this is not the same mold. The cortisone somehow became impregnated with this as yet unidentified mold (my guess? Aspergillus species, based on how it is injuring so many people) and many clinics purchased the vials and have injected their patients with it. Thus far 35 have become very ill and 5 have died. Thousands of people took injections from these tainted vials.


1. I’d immediately call the doctors office and ask the physician that gave the injection for Diflucan and Nystatin. These are antifungal drugs.

2. I’d immediately get on the Kaufmann 1 diet so as to slow the progression of this fungus-fungi thrive in a sugar and grain rich environment.

3. Without becoming paranoid, I’d watch myself carefully for signs of meningitis; fever, stiff neck, flu like symptoms, etc….

4. I’d know that since this mold was injected into my body, it would take some time to eliminate it. I’d ask my physician if he would mind if I sat in far infrared saunas regularly, took chlorophyll capsules (or liquid) daily and put garlic, onions or peppers on much of my food. I would also ask if I could take a teaspoon of the right coconut oil regularly.

5. Ask the physician if I could take the right beta glucan daily as an immune modulator.





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