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In my research for Doug, I’ve come across a variety of nutrients I had never heard of before. One thing Doug has taught me is that every nutrient of note has one thing in common; they are anti-fungal or anti-mycotic. One of the vital components to the Kaufmann 1 diet is that you are shunning the processed, carb-laden and nutrient devoid diet that most American live on. 

Instead, you are replacing it with foods such as fresh veggies, nuts, berries and grass-fed meats that are loaded with these vital nutrients. One of these nutrients is manganese.

Manganese is found in a variety of Kaufmann 1 foods including almonds, leafy veggies, and spices such as cloves. Manganese plays a vital role in activating enzymes that are necessary to work with B-Vitamins such as biotin, ascorbic acid, thiamin, and choline. This makes manganese vital for digestion, energy production, bodily growth, and a the numerous other roles B-Vitamins play in health.

Unsurprisingly, manganese was found in a study to inhibit the mycotoxin responsible for facial eczema in cows.

While eating Kaufmann 1, you are assured to get all the manganese you need, along with B vitamins and a host of other nutrients that do your body good. Vitamin deficiencies are associated with a number of diseases, while supplementing with many vitamins beyond the RDA has been shown to prevent diseases. Doug recommends a number of great multi-vitamins, which you can find here, here, and here.

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