Coconut Butter

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Kyle Drew was the man that introduced me to my latest Kaufmann 1 obsession – coconut butter. He offered me a spoonful of the thick, cream colored paste, and I’ve been hooked ever since. 

You’ve heard many times about almond butter for Kaufmann 1, and perhaps less about cashew, walnut or sunflower seed butter. You can make butter out of pretty much any nut, which is why I’m blown away that I never thought to look for coconut butter at the health food store. I’m very defensive of the entire coconut; it is one of the only foods you can survive solely on should you be stranded on a desert island. (Which is luckily exactly where you’ll find them should you be unlucky enough to find yourself in such dire straits…) Coconut butter is simply the flesh of a coconut ground into a paste. It is high in all the good things that coconut is high in, which include manganese, potassium, magnesium, good fats and amino acids. Because it is the the flesh of the coconut, it also contains the fatty acid known as caprylic acid, which annihilates fungus

Coconut butter is slightly sweet, slightly salty. It requires no refrigeration, so it is great for camping trips or car rides. It becomes solid when cool, so set the closed jar in the sun to warm it up a little. I eat it with a spoon, but it is great spread over green apples. It would make a great addition to a smoothie or mixed with frozen berries for a Kaufmann 1 dessert. Add this to your delicious Kaufmann 1 arsenal this summer!

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