Magnesium, Breast Cancer & Hot Flashes

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 HERE is a bit more good/interesting news from Dr. Mark Stengler. Dr. Stengler is a physician in California who specializes in natural remedies; you’ve probably seen him on Doug’s show a number of times.

He is a wealth of information; I highly recommend checking out his blog/website from time to time, and if you happen to be in his area and require some medical attention, pay him a visit.

Dr. Stengeler’s article talks about women who experience hot flashes while receiving treatment for breast cancer – some 200,000 women are diagnosed with the disease every year. Women who take a magnesium supplement while on the treatment experienced fewer hot flashes, as well as lowered intensity of the ones they did experience.

I’ve written a little bit about magnesium supplements before, mostly for help sleeping. There is a supplement called Natural Calm that I’ve used to combat insomnia with great success. Getting deep, restful sleep is critical for good health, and sleeplessness can be quite the scourge.

On a more serious note, cancer is a very scary disease. That number  – 200,000 women per year diagnosed with breast cancer – is an astounding number. I often wonder what those numbers would look like if all of the sudden we in America made some simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Doug has written extensively about the role of fungus and diet in cancer. While I fully believe that one day Doug’s work will become very mainstream, it is still not something many people know about. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, please check out our bookstore.


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