Cancer/Fungus Link – Johns Hopkins Study

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Happy Sunday everybody – I hope that you are all getting your rest on the Day of Rest. 

I had a couple things I wanted to post here quickly for you all to see. Many of you have seen Dr. Mark Stengler on Doug’s show. Dr. Stengler is an MD that specializes in natural medicine as well – the best of both worlds. Dr. Stengler wrote a short piece on his blog the other day about a clinical study done at Johns Hopkinds on men with prostate cancer; these men were given Itraconazole to treat nail fungus. I’ll let you read the rest on his blog – click right HERE to check it out.

For all of you that have followed Doug’s work for a while, this should come as no surprise. In fact, the whole clinical study sounds a lot like a story Doug has told a few times on the air. Doug’s story involved a lady with cancer who was prescribed an anti-fungal drug for nail fungus. By a clerical mistake, her “no refill” prescription was switched to a “refill indefinitely” bottle. After a few rounds of anti-fungal drugs, the lady called Doug to thank her for saving her life – her cancer had vanished.

Cancer is indeed a very serious disease, and anyone that has been diagnosed needs to work very closely with their doctor. No one at KTC would ever tell you to stop the regimen your licensed physician has prescribed in favor of anything learned on this or any other site. But studies like this do raise some serious questions and perhaps shed a little light on an otherwise dark, mysterious and scary disease. Any hope in this area is exciting stuff.

More interesting links and blogs to come up later on this week!

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