Lifestyle adjustments for moms. Back to school vitamins/lunches

    Lifestyle adjustments for moms. Back to school vitamins/lunches
Ok Moms as we all know back to school for the children means schedules
and planning for moms!
There are few things we can do, as mom’s to
help stay healthy on our diets while trying to get rushed

out the door. 

To start, supplements are very important to insure everyone is getting all the nutrients they need, and especially with school going they help keep the immune systems up and running strong! One way to help with that is get the weekly pill separators one for each child. Put their vitamins in for each day so that in the morning they can grab them open it up and take it with out taking the time to hand each one out. Next, another great way to save time is plan every meal ahead.

Pick one day a week and have a meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Go ahead and prepare anything you can ahead of time that way you can grab as you go, and it is complete and not as time consuming when you are in a rush.I know with the children at school they will see the other children with things that they want to eat that may not be as healthy, but I have found with my children I just explain why we make the choices we do and the effects the bad choices can have. I always try to relate any illnesses to what they have eaten that may not have been a great choice. By doing that they learn how to choose things for themselves.It also helps to let them help you plan their meals. They tend to get more excited about them. One last idea for making their food fun is get cookie cutters and cut the fruit into shapes, or their sandwich (using flat bread).My children love the shapes and it makes their food seem fun too!.

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