Let Them Eat Statins

In August of 2012, CNN reported that Proteus Digital Health scored a big victory when the FDA granted approval of their new “ingestible sensor” invention: a tiny transmitting device about the size of a grain of sand that is imbedded into your medication.


You then swallow the medication with the chip in it and it records the time you took the medication. That data is then electronically transmitted to your doctor via a mobile phone application.

On October 2, 2013, Fox News published this headline: Pharmaceutical Industry Expected To Collect Billions From Obamacare

In November of 2013, the Los Angeles Times published that heart doctor’s recommend wider use of statin drugs. Currently about 36 million Americans take statin drugs, but the doctors feel that 72 million actually need them.

MY TAKE: My career in healthcare has been filled with trying to locate enough pieces of any one particular puzzle to finally solve it. Do you see three independent articles above or do the three articles above dovetail enabling you to solve this puzzle; where is American medicine is headed in the next few years?


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