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I overlooked The University of Southern Denmark’s 2008 study myself, but only because further conformational research was done following it. Did I discover what must be described as a landmark study for all of us who believe that fungus causes many human symptoms and diseases that our doctors are currently unaware of? For example, how do we treat Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) infections? 

Of course, the answer in 1965 was with the penicillin-derived antibiotic called Methicillin. It had to be injected and within a short period of time it was rendered useless. Millions suffer from MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureas) infections and doctors don’t know why. Enter this study.

Apparently, the old schizophrenia drug, thioridazine, when added to the equation (thioridazine + antibiotic), cured MRSA infections! Don’t ask me why they used an antibiotic in the equation other than to try to prove bacteria was the infectious agent.

As it turns out, I have located several publications that confirm that thioridazine has antifungal properties. As I have long said, if an antibiotic doesn’t work, STOP USING THEM AND TRY ANTIFUNGALS! But again what doctor would believe that staph infections are fungal in nature? Staph is bacteria-isn’t it? Remember, antibiotics don’t work for these resistant infections because I believe that they are erroneously labeled as “antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.” They are most likely fungal infections as is evidenced by the fact that thioridazine, a drug with antifungal and anti-schizophrenia properties, cured the infection!

One more thing….what, then might be the cause of schizophrenia?



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