It Takes Two To…….Poison?

We’ve known for many years that when two or more poisons are mixed together, they become more lethal than a single poison. What we didn’t know until recently, however, was how commonly we are exposed to mixed poisons.

A researcher named Karin Nahrer recently published that a single fungal poison (mycotoxin) was found ubiquitously (100% of the time) in animals feed. As you have learned on Know The Cause, our cereal and bread grains are also commonly contaminated with fungal poisons.

Further, Nahrer stated that in 2013, co-contamination (more than one mycotoxins found in the feed) existed in “up to 60%” of the animal food. Worse, when eating these multi-contaminated feeds, there was a stronger negative impact on the animal’s health. Why is this so important to you and me?

Have you ever eaten a peanut butter sandwich? It isn’t rare anymore to find both the bread and the peanuts contaminated with mycotoxins. FYI, eating greens seems to “sop up” mycotoxins in our intestines, so a nighttime bowl of spinach might be just what the doctor should order.

This might be why antibiotic labels tell us to totally avoid alcohol while taking antibiotics! They are both mycotoxins and two mycotoxins mixed together can apparently injure us more than either the penicillin pill or the glass of wine alone! Several months ago, I walked by a small bar and several people were standing outside smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Dual contamination hastens illness! Keep in mind that in addition to this new co-contamination information, most mycotoxins are known to suppress our immune systems. Be smart and be well!



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