I may have been wrong about medicine all along!


I’ve been preaching that invasive procedures regularly used in medicine like colonoscopies might be responsible for over diagnosing or perhaps injuring some patients. But an email from a dear friend proves otherwise. I may have been wrong about colonoscopies.

A dear friend, who knows my work as well as I do, called me yesterday and told me that she hadn’t heard from her older brother in many years. He called her because he was frightened after having a colonoscopy. Seems the results showed that he was dehydrated, overweight and had digestive problems that his doctor wanted to talk with him about the following week.


This colonoscopy worked for two reasons:

1. It successfully drew two siblings back together. 
2. Based on the information I know she’ll give him, he is going to be educated about the cause of his health problems, rather than be handed a pocket full of pills and a low-fat diet. And his doctor? The next time he sees my friend’s brother again, maybe in 30 days, even he may see the light!



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