As Though Your Life Depended Upon It


Cancer clinics are turning away 
thousands of Medicare patients

I know what you’re thinking, but I have to ask…
Is this a bad thing? If your faith is in chemotherapy, then yes it is!

FACT: The Australian Journal of Clinical Oncology reported in 2004, statistics that I can’t find today. Of all the 5-year cancer survivors, only 2.3% of Australians had survived because of chemotherapy. The same published study found that only 2.1% of Americans were 5-year cancer survivors because of chemotherapy. 97.9% of we Americans survived cancer for longer than 5 years because it simply went way by itself, or they did other than what is currently recommended as our “Standard of Care.”


Is 2.1% America’s accepted Standard of Cancer Care? A coin flip is 50%!
Unless you possess a PhD in statistics, you’ll find it difficult to locate current statistics like those published in this Australian paper. In their defense, even if their 2.1% statistic is within 50 or 60% of being accurate, then I don’t blame them. I’d try to hide those statistics, too. However, based on this publication, I believe that it is imperative that cancer patients look for other avenues than chemotherapy if they want to see benefits. What reasonable person would disagree? 
As a child, were you ever pushed into the deep end of the swimming pool and had to either sink, or swim? If you find yourself being one of the millions of Americans diagnosed with cancer, it is happening to you all over again. You must sink, or swim. According to the statistics published in this paper, even though 97% swam, they soon sank. So shall we keep beating this same broken drum for another few decades, all the while pretending that we are winning the war on cancer, or must I admit that recent sequesters, being blamed for these cancer patients being turned away, might actually get us to move beyond medical mediocrity. In essence, if you’re turned away from chemotherapy, you must learn to swim directly toward a stream that is less traveled.

There is absolutely no doubt that your diet contributes to cancer, or can be used as a tool to prevent cancer…. No doubt, none, 100% guaranteed, proof provided, for sure. Yet either hostility towards, or an ignorance of diet is constantly being displayed in the American healthcare system. Unless Mycology (the study of fungus) is taught, ignorance remains. If I had cancer, I’d study mycology as though my life depended upon it.



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