I Laughed, She Cried




A few weeks ago, a physician at Duke University stated that statin drugs could be safely stopped when patients were close to death. I laughed uncontrollably. I’ve never read such a preposterous statement in my life! I kept envisioning graveyard workers being mandatorily required to dig “DCE” (Drug Company Enforced) dual holes in the earth: One for the deceased and the other for the “one inch statin tube” leading into the deceased’s mouth so they could keep taking their statin drugs! Call me crazy, but this is stupid and needless research, but it shows us where researchers’ loyalties lie…

The opposite of stupid is brilliant! I spent two wonderful days filming and chatting to a most amazing woman, Christine Salter, MD. She practices in St. Louis, MO. About 2 years ago, her patient requested that she watch Know The Cause. She eventually did, and it has changed her world. Mind you, this is a board certified medical doctor who is also certified to practice osteopathic, naturopathic and chiropractic medicine. Bright and articulate does not begin to describe her! She is brilliant.


I was the keynote speaker at the Plano, TX Center last Saturday and spoke on the fungus link to cancer. Dr. Salter accompanied me. Because this was a largely lay audience, I tried to eliminate my technical slides, but one of them, slide #43, refused my efforts to dispose of it. This slide taught that in 1998, the Journal of Internal Medicine published that a blood test for pancreatic or lung cancer, the CA19-9 test, also accurately tested for sac fungal (Aspergillus) infections. Aspergillus fungi can enclosed themselves in tight sacs inside our bodies and mimic cancer! No doctor has been taught this, including Dr. Salter. So when one of their patients has a positive CA19-9 lab test come back, doctors erroneously tell them that they have cancer. I know that slide #43 refused to be discarded, because God’s hand was on it, making certain that Dr. Salter saw it. When she learned of this, because of all the positive CA 19-9 tests she had seen in her career, she cried. What if we all had physicians like Dr. Salter?


Dr. Christine Salter, MD, DC, ND
The Centre for Vibrant Health and Wellness
(314) 395-9777



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